Friday, September 22, 2017

First Podcast Ever And Ever

My very first POSH POSH were I was greener than a piece of frog snot.

It is a full house on the GF podcast as Chris Lockhart, Chris Gaida, MissM, Brian Farrell and Calvin Heighton break down their Top 5 lists of things they want brought back. This is at least our second time tackling this Top 5 so insert in your ears and enjoy!  

Fridays With The Furies


Thursday, September 21, 2017

There Is Only One Enji Night



This Show Only Ever Taught Me How Unimportant I Was As A Human Being

Because ever day that I watched a pre-schooler I would be a good boy just like DO BEE had taught me to be and I would listen when she told me to listen and when to sit down or to put my toys away. I did it all. But NEVER, not even ONCE did that bitch of a teacher ever look into her Magic Mirror and say that she could see me. I mean I was looking right at her. I would scream my name at the TV but she just ignored me and my intense need for her validation. Even as an adult when I would catch the end of the show while flipping channels she still had no idea or interest in who I was.
So fuck Romper Room

A Little Beat Up But Still A Part Of My Awesome Comic Book Collection


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

More Glorious Girls Of The Redheaded Rebellion