Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday Image Blizzard

Push pops. The worst ice cream. Bottom of the barrel. If they couldn't a dime for one they would feed them to the pigs. But we ate them. We had no shame. At lest this guy didn't. But damn he was a fine teacher. The kids knew that as long as they gave me no excuses and just tried to do all your work I would be happy. Surprisingly that worked. One goal. Do you work. You can't run from me and if you do your work there will be the added bonus of needed more attention. And that meant me being up their ass for assignments to the point where I was calling home and being a real nuisance until they go the message. They worked to make me go away. You can negotiate with teenagers. You just have to find their pressure point. In return they had tickets to the greatest show on earth. I never got accused to just phoning it in. Every class was a show. And that is me. At lunch before floor hockey. In my defense that was no doubt cookie batter that was just sticking to the bowl and I didn't want it to gum up pipes so I cleaned the parts that had cooking batter attached to them after it has run out of cookie dough. I needed the sugar. I didn't care. I washed the bowl afterwards. That is just common courtesy and hording the mixing bowl. Don't judge me. You don't know me.



Star Trek Discovery Trailer With Special Post Viewing Analysis

Sunday, July 23, 2017

From The Collection Of Cool

I am saving these for when I am in the nursing home. It will give me something to do when I am watching TV and pornography in the day room. I will have those pages that will allow me to organize them all into a binder.

If you are a fan and can send me interested packages of pop cultural from pop cultural production or properties. you know I like. I will .

Oh Spicey, You So Crazy

"Bitch, I PAID for the fridge and I am not leaving this office without it."
Sean Spicer’s short tenure as press secretary was riddled with surprises right up until his resignation, including recent reports that the former White House staffer stole a mini fridge from junior staffers after they refused to give him theirs.

I Thing She Is Trying To Seduce Me

On her way to roller derby practice.

Gustav Klimt, The Dancer (1918) | Rihanna, Met Gala (2017)

Who wore it better?


The Osiris Child

Tell me to my face that this doesn't look cool.

Ant-Man and the Wasp poster by Andy Park for SDCC 2017

You overwhelm me with your bounty Comic Con.

Theater Standees For Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok

So cool to see Karl Urban in this one. His character is Skurge. They took some liberties with his history by having Hela be his mistress instead of the Enchantress like in the comic books but when I saw him with his machine guns fighting on the Bridge of Gjallabru in his famous last stand that I can deal with those liberties. Everything looks so good here. The perfect blend between comic book and live action. I can't remember the last Thor movie at all. I will never forget how much I enjoyed just this trailer.

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