Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Wednesdays With Wonder Woman

I Am Going To Enjoy This Moment For A Second

And with a Rebel Yell, they cried No No No No!

You magnificent Alabama Hillbilly bastards and bitches really came through for the WORLD tonight by doing something NON-Hillbilly for a change - the right and decent thing. You must feel terrific tonight to be on the RIGHT side of a social issue for once. So now old Roy and his bitch ass wife can ride back to the pile of horse shit they birthed from and we can go back to enjoying the way that trump will whine about all the people who are responsible for this loss except of course, himself. But he knows that we know the truth about what side HE was on and once again his edict was rejected by the voters. The dear leader must be shitting himself and needs to be sedated lest he tweet all night while eating a bucket of KFC in his diaper.


Trek 1701 Podcast - Favorite Five Alien Races

This Trek 1701 post is focussed on our favorite alien races from the Star Trek Universe. Most all of mine come from the original Star Trek series because they seem to be the ones that came to my mind first. Original Trek was my favorite show as a kid and one I consumed to death in syndication as a teen so my choices make perfect sense.
Green Orion Slave Girl




Tosk - Star Trek Deep Space Nine

The Most Open Secret On This Blog

Don't be offended but Tink is the ONLY blonde for me.
I always felt bad that she loved a boy who would rather play with the other boys than hang out with her and I was ready to step up and be her rebound guy after she saw Peter for who he really is. Not that there is anything wrong with his lifestyle but she had to be told the truth. That way she could move on and meet a nice guy who would appreciate her for all the cool things about her like her spunk and her bravery and her love for her friends. She just needs to be less of a door mat and I tell her that with love.


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