Saturday, November 18, 2017

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You Are Not Filling Me With Confidence About Your Product

I think I will pay more for the good stuff.

Lost A Follower Which We All Know Is A Deliberate Bitch Ass Move


Punisher - Episode One

All I want out of my Punisher show is for the Punisher to exact justice with extreme prejudice and be merciless about it, just like in the comic book. I read a ton of Punisher comics in the 80s and 90s so I know this world very well. I am looking to be impressed and I was already impressed with the casting of the Punisher from the second season of Daredevil. John Bernthal was meant to play this role. He reeks of rage and determination.

It's not a happy story and how can it be when you know the origins of the character - military combat vet returns home to loving family only to have them killed before his eyes in a mob hit gone wrong. The rage of that moment broke the man Frank Castle was and created the monster that is the Punisher. And Castle is a monster but the kind that you can totally sympathize with. He is just cleaning up the streets of the garbage that no one else can deal with or even want to deal with. He is the great equalizer.

The show also has this weird vibe that totally relates it to the feelings that dominate our culture these days. There are many references to angry white men who want to take out their rage at the world. Tough stuff after the recent spat of real life mass shootings. I am no longer surprised when one of these shootings occur, I am just surprised that we don't see more of them especially with the anger that exists in this world and the ease with which an angry white man can get a dozen guns.

I still don't see Castle as a psychopath and I should, right? Is it because he only kills bad people? I want him to find some peace but he never will unless he dies but fate has other plans for him. The first episode is a slow burn but when it goes off it really goes off. Go Frank Go. I want you to kill them ALL.


Friday, November 17, 2017

I Think Comrade Sister Girl Is Trying To Seduce Me


Shit Just Got Real Down At The 7-11


Cosplay This Week